Computer Products Servers: Astor II



Astor II Product Specifications
Form Factor
Specialized mid-tower server chassis. Designed for the Intel® L440GX+ server boards.
Height 19.3" (49.02cm)
Width 8.3" (21.08cm)
Depth 17.7" (44.96cm)
Weight 41 lbs. (19kg), Shipping Weight
Color Beige (Intel Color Standard 513505)
Hot-Swap Drive Bays
Drives Supports 5 Ultra2 SCSI SCA2 3.5" (1.0" high) hard drives
SCSI Backplane SCA2 connectors, thermal sensor
Drive Cooling Two fans attached to bays
External Peripheral Bays (not certified for hard drive use)
Two 5.25 "; 1/2 height (1.6")
  One 3.5 "; 1/3 height (1.0") (for floppy)
System Cooling
Four fans total Three 92mm fans—instrumented to provide RPM data to server board for fan failure prediction and detection
One 80mm fan (in power supply)
Chassis-intrusion switch for alert over network (enabled by server management software which ships with Intel's server boards)
Lockable side cover and hot-swap drive bay
Electrical Power Supply
AC Voltage and Frequency 115v/60 Hz; 230v/50 Hz
DC Power Supply 300W PFC
+5V 26A maximum continuous
+5V standby 0.8A maximum continuous
+12V 10A maximum continuous
+3.3V 16A maximum continuous
-5V .25A maximum continuous
-12V 0.5A maximum continuous
Remote Voltage Sense Senses voltage levels near server board connector for more precise power supply voltage regulation, leading to more efficient use of power
Front Panel
Power/Reset Power button (momentary), system reset button, hidden NMI switch
LEDs Power, hard drive activity, NIC activity, fan failure, 5 for hard drive failure

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